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Wise Solutions

Wise Solutions was established in 2006 in response to the increasing need for schools and colleges to address their social-emotional climate.

Experienced psychologists and research staff facilitate services to raise awareness of issues such as stress, bullying, prejudice and highlight opportunities to create healthier relationships and work environments.

This Australia-wide service is an affordable solution designed to help create positive outcomes in an ever changing social, cultural and political environment.


Wise Solutions assessment services

Wise Solutions student assessments enable schools to accurately and efficiently assess the social-emotional wellbeing of their entire student population. Whole school assessments provide objective information about the social-emotional strengths and weaknesses across all members of a school or college. Moreover, the whole school assessments can track changes in social-emotional wellbeing over time.

The assessments offer vital feedback about the effectiveness of both inhouse and external interventions and provide accurate information from which informed decisions can be made. Anonymous reports may be disseminated to all stakeholders. In addition, separate confidential information about high risk students ensures that vulnerable children are identified as early as possible.


Staff assessment services

Wise Solutions staff assessment services provide a means of assessing the wellbeing of both individuals and groups. Detailed reports provide information about the nature and source of staff stress and associated concepts. Findings provide staff with anonymous information about the social-emotional climate within their working environment, their strengths and weaknesses. In addition, staff can feel assurance that their school or college value and appreciate the importance of a healthy, happy staff population.






 The Complete Package

Includes student satisfaction scale

($6* per student with a minimum total of $900.00 applies to schools with fewer than 150 students.


 The High Risk Package

($4* per student with a minimum total of $700.00 applies to schools with fewer than 150 students)


 Staff Assessment Packages

 Staff Group Assessments ($2400*per school)

 Individual Staff Assessment (Please phone or email for pricing on individual staff members)


Note: All reports take 10 working days

*Note: All prices are Ex Gst.


All our assessment services are available as a secure online data entry system or as traditional paper questionnaires. Please see pricing and contact details below.